Celtic and medieval events

The first big and unforgettable event at the tower was our wedding. In 2011 Paolo, my husband, asked for my hand after a long engagement. Obviously I accepted immediately, but on one condition: the marriage will take place inside the tower in medieval style. And so we did: despite the rain, we married at the end of September 2012. It was just the beginning: the following year we inaugurated our reception structure always in medieval clothes, and then repeat a beautiful banquet in 2015. One year later we had meetings with children in which we told them how was life at court, and finally in 2017 we celebrated the beginning of the summer just as it was done in the Middle Ages.. And will you be here with us for the next event? 

Activities for children

Since its inauguration the Torre Merlata has had a strong vocation for events, with a special focus on new generations. For this reason we organized numerous workshops and meetings with the children: during this activities we went to the discovery for our territory, our history and nature. We collaborated very often with schools, teachers and parents in organizing outdoor days or picnics in the large garden of Efrem, which hosts a very rich and varied orchard. Our indoor and outdoor spaces are available for events, meetings and workshops in spring and autumn. If you want to propose an activity and use our structure, write us an email.

Wellness, hiking and sports

Since the opening we have encountered numerous Nordic walking groups, happy walkers and passionate cyclists, but also lovers of photography and Longobard history, as well as numerous pilgrims who visit us. Very often lovers of nature, intrigued by a medieval tower in the heart of the Po Valley, have passed to know us and visit our structure. So, after listening to everyone's requests, we decided to make our outdoor spaces available as a rest area, as a place to have a tasty snack and where to use the services. In the images you will find some of our enthusiastic visitors! And what are you waiting to visit us? 

Public events


In 2013 we inaugurated the tower: on that occasion we had the pleasure of hosting the local administration for the traditional inauguration. The institutions cameback to visit us in 2015: the president of Lombardy Roberto Maroni unexpectedly came to discover the tower. Incredulous, we guided him to the discovery of our reality.

In the following years we had the opportunity to organize other events connected to the Via Francigena, in which participated some key figures of this field in Italy, including the European Association of Vie Francigene on the occasion of the projection of I volti della Via Francigena, a documentary movie that speaks also about our story.


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